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A lot of people have questions regarding Hemp Essentials and CBD oil. Our team understands, so we've outlined some of the top questions we get asked below. Once you're finished up, check out our products!

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add_circle_outline Where does your CBD oil come from?

Our CBD oil is grown and extracted from a licensed farm in Kentucky who is part of the Kentucky Proud Movement that follows the guidelines of the KY dept of agriculture.

add_circle_outline Is your CBD legal?

Because our CBD contains 0.3% or less by weight, it is exempt from the Federal Controlled Substance Act Prohibition on Marijuana. This in turn, makes it legal in all 50 states.

add_circle_outline What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabis compound that has been known to have significant medical benefits without producing a psychoactive effect.

add_circle_outline What other ingredients are in your CBD oil?

Our CBD oil contains only 100% organic hemp seed oil. There are no other additives, preservatives, emulsifiers or flavorings.

add_circle_outline Can your products cure me?

Several studies have been published on the benefits CBD oil and it’s uses. While we comply with FDA guidelines and cannot endorse any specific medical benefits of CBD oil, we encourage you to do your own research.

add_circle_outline Where do I store my CBD?

In a cool dark place. Placing in the refrigerator can extend the life of the CBD oil up to one year

add_circle_outline Do you ship internationally?


add_circle_outline Will your CBD oil get me high?

While everyone reacts to things differently, most do not feel any kind of high from CBD oil.

add_circle_outline If your product will not produce a high, why is there THC in it?

THC is marijuana’s psychoactive compound however it is only present in trace amounts, meaning it should not cause the high associated with marijuana. It is however necessary to be present in the formula as it works synergistically with the CBD.

add_circle_outline Will I test positive on a drug screen?

CBD oil derived from hemp contains only trace amounts of THC. A hemp oil routine shouldn’t cause a user to fail a drug test, however, we cannot guarantee a negative testing result with this regiment.