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We are not your ordinary hemp selling company.  You know, one of those companies out there telling you their product is the “best ever!”  “It cures everything!” “For every need!” “The purest, the highest quality” blah blah blah.  Of course they are honest, right?  It’s on the internet so it must be true? 

There are so many companies out there selling CBD oil that it’s getting hard to weed them out…ha see what we did there?!  Anyways, you see all these sites with tons of products with flashy, scrolling pictures containing so much content that it makes your eyes dizzy.  The forest, the fields, how organic they are, strutting around with their fancy flavorings and terms only scientists can understand.  We could have done that, but why?  We aren’t selling a hemp field or a chocolate bar, we are selling CBD oil.  And that, our friends, well that is why we are different. 

We not only claim we have the best ever, for every need, with the purest highest quality product, we can prove it with our lab results.   Our CBD oil is not only tested for the amount of THC and cannabinoids, but we also test the terpenes.  We test to make sure there is no E.coli, mycotoxin, heavy metal, bacteria, yeast, mold or salmonella.  We provide a lab report from a reputable laboratory not just an internet site telling you it’s great.

OK, so now we would imagine you want to know where these green goddesses came from?  We came from a world of nothing but chains and barriers.  Krista, a registered nurse working in traditional medicine watching people suffer from side effects of the prescriptions that are supposed to “help” us.  Wondering what is going to get them first, the cure or the sickness.  Nicole, her favorite niece ever, coming from the corporate world that encompassed a whole different type of chains.  Chains of a large corporation watching and judging every move made.   Separately, they were miserable, together they created a vision and a mission.  They are doing what most wish they could do, breaking free from the chains and living free!  Sounds cheesy we know, but we’ve always loved cheese so we’re going with it!

Now, if this is as confusing to you as it was to us when we first start doing our research, pick up the phone and call us.  We are happy to share our knowledge with you!  (502) 409-6864

Message from Nicole and Krista: Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our page and considering our products. We are excited to be part of your journey to natural healing. We personally have struggled with pain and anxiety (two of the major things CBD has been known to help with) and we understand the struggle that goes along with treatment. Like you, we did not want to alter our personalities by taking prescriptions. We wanted to feel better in a more natural way which is why we turned to CBD oil. In addition to our personal struggles, we have tested this product on our families and friends that were suffering with everything from sleep and mood disorders to restless leg syndrome and arthritis. Over and over again, this product worked with no fail. At Hemp Essentials, we understand everyone is different so what worked for us, might not work for you. That is why we offer a *100% satisfaction guarantee on our products. So what are you waiting for? At this point, you have nothing to lose!

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Nicole & Krista

*Please see satisfaction guarantee for stipulations.