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Does CBD Oil Help With Sleep?

Does CBD Oil Help With Sleep?

On average, about 40 to 65 million people in the United States suffer from chronic, long term sleep disorders each year while an additional 20 million experience occasional sleep issues. Chronic insomnia affects at least 10% of Americans and the Center for Disease Control states at least 1 in 3 people do not get enough sleep.


CBD Oil and Sleep

So, does CBD oil help with sleep? The quick answer: yes. Insomnia can be caused by many things. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the following medical conditions are the top reasons we aren’t catching our proper z’s: Arthritis, neurological conditions, chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, depression, and anxiety. In addition to medical reasons, there are also external factors that play into Insomnia such as lifestyle choices involving alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and food consumption.


does cbd oil help with sleep


Currently there are dozens of over the counter options for sleep aid ranging from PM formulas to all-natural Melatonin. In addition to the over the counter aids, there are several prescription medications offered to aid in healthy sleep habits. The problem many people have with these options are the side effects ranging from long term memory loss to dizziness, when the only side effect people are looking for is a good night’s sleep. This is where CBD oil comes in and why it’s so popular for the use of sleep aid.


Why Does CBD Oil Work For Sleep?

CBD oil has been known to help with Endocannabinoid system regulation, which plays a role in monitoring our sleep patterns. It has also been known to help with many REM sleep abnormalities caused from things like PTSD, depression, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease. Many studies that show CBD oil has the ability to positively interact with Serotonin and GABA receptors in our brain.

As we know, Serotonin plays an instrumental role in our mood and GABA is known as the main inhibitory neurotransmitter, meaning it helps to calm any excess activity in our brain and will induce relaxation. Most of the prescription benzodiazepines (anxiety prescriptions) target GABA receptors.


does cbd oil help with sleep


In Summary

CBD oil is not a sedative and it will not give you the same effect as a sedative. There are little to no known side effects and it is non-habit forming. CBD oil has been known to help with many of the underlying issues that cause a lack of sleep, many of which were mentioned above. Therefore, it’s been shown that CBD oil is a very effective option for many people.  

Could you imagine being able to wake up every morning feeling fully awake and rested? Not having to deal with constant yawns and heavy eyes? Being pain and anxiety free from the moment you open your eyes and your feet hit the floor?

CBD oil may be exactly what you need to feel this way with every single wake! We encourage you to look into our products or give us a call to see why Hemp Essentials makes the most popular CBD oils on the market.