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CBD Oil & Parkinson’s Disease

CBD Oil & Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a health condition symptomized by an involuntary shaking of various parts of the body as well as slow movements and inflexibility in the muscles. These symptoms usually result from damage caused to some parts of the brain by the loss of nerve cells. Occupational therapy, medication with Levodopa and physiotherapy are the most common treatments administered for the condition.

Nevertheless, CBD oil (which is a medical cannabinoid as it does not instill psychotropic properties on its user) has been suggested by the outcome of many studies, as an effective treatment to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The cannabinoid has been reported to have reduced tremors and motor-related symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

CBD Oil For Parkinson's

CBD oil has also been found to ease out the muscle rigidity Parkinson’s disease sufferers experience. Pain and irritability have also been found to be drastically reduced on application of the isolate oil as a medication, as extracts from the cannabis plant are super enriched with antioxidants that are known to reduce inflammatory pain by interacting with the response of pain receptors to the stimuli.

Furthermore, doctors at the University of Colorado Hospital discovered from their study that CBD oil greatly alleviates sleep disorder by promoting REM sleep in Parkinson’s disease patients.

The longer people survive with Parkinson's disease, the higher their chances of experiencing several forms of psychosis such as illusions, delusions and paranoia. Most medications administered to Parkinson’s disease patients have been known to trigger psychotropic reactions from them due to the increase in dopamine levels they induce. However, treatment with CBD oil was revealed to notable reduce these psychotic symptoms in the patients involved.


CBD & Parkinson’s Disease


Research Into CBD For Parkinson's

The study of the neuroprotective characteristics of CBD oil as regards Parkinson’s disease reveals that the advancement of the condition could be slowed by administering CBD oil to patients.

Given that the treatment of Parkinson’s disease with CBD oil is still a subject under research, no actual dosage can therefore be recommended as a standard medication. Also, given the restriction most countries place on the use of marijuana, you may have to meet with your doctor and relevant bodies to ensure you do not break any standing law in the course of your medication.

In Summary

Also note that a given dose may not necessarily produce the same outcome in every Parkinson’s disease patient. Results may differ from person to person because cannabis therapeutics is more of a personal treatment approach.

As a guide, you may start by taking 20-40mg’s of CBD oil to improve your sleep disorder; 20-40mg’s in an attempt to ease yourself of the psychotic symptoms you’re manifesting and a daily dose of 20mg to improve your general well-being.

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