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Cancer in Dogs: How CBD Oil Can Help

Cancer in Dogs: How CBD Oil Can Help

For dog lovers losing your fur baby is a very painful experience.  For many the love they feel for their four legged family members can feel akin to human family members.  

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much pet owners can do to protect their pets from killer diseases like cancer, but there are certainly some steps that can be taken in due time to prolong the lives of pets.

Given that dogs, unlike humans, cannot really express how they feel, cancer in dogs is quite difficult to discover in them until the latter stages when it has spread. Conventional treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy has been found to leave your precious pets with side effects that may be completely unpleasant for them.

On the other hand, natural herbs extracts such as CBD oil have been found to be useful in managing conditions like cancer without disturbing side effects.

The difference between cancer cells and healthy body cells is that cancer cells lack the capacity to die once they are damaged or old. They continue to increase in size, regenerate and then develop into a tumor which disturbs the functions of certain organs in the body.

What Studies Says About CBD Oil and Cancer in Dogs

For years, CBD oil has been known to possess medicinal characteristics and has been used to manage a good number of health conditions. A research carried out at a prominent university in Spain reveals that the medicinal content of cannabis induces a self-destructive process in the cancer cells present in a mouse. This consequently leads to a reduction of the tumor size across the body. It has also been medically established that a sequence of cancer cells’ deaths can be induced when the PPA receptors contained in the nucleus of a cell is being activated.

CBD oil has been shown to inhibit the growth of blood vessels in cancerous tumors in dogs leaving the tumors deprived of food and nutrients. This starvation inevitably prevents the cells from reproducing and spreading to other parts of your dogs body.

CBD oil is also widely used to inhibit the spreading of cancer in dogs across organs of our pet’s body. It also helps your dog get a healthy appetite as against the poor appetite usually a typical symptom with cancer.

Among other things, CBD oil can be used to relieve your dog's pain that usually occurs with cancer. It abates swelling resulting from tumors, and improves your pet’s sleeping habits to help them combat the condition healthily.

Combining CBD With Modern Vet Medicine

cancer in dogs can be helped with cbd oil

Given that the area of science that encourages the use of CBD oil as a cancer treating substance for dogs is still under research, it is advisable that the oil is used in addition to existing treatments for cancer in your pets and should be done in accordance with the regulations on the use of cannabis and cannabis extracts prevalent in your region.

For dosage, you can start with 1 drop of oil per ten pounds as needed, not to exceed ten drops.  

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